APT-Choice Latest Updates
pdf Norms for Rationalisatioin of Teachers in Aided Schools dt 20.09.2012.pdf
pdf RC.149 dt 15.09.2012 SSC Fee Details.pdf
pdf RC.527 dt 18.09.2012 September School Complex Guidelines.pdf
pdf RC.5 dt 17.09.2012 Implementing SWASTH Programme in 175 KGBVs.pdf
pdf RC.593 dt 15.09.2012 Support DIETs Release of Funds.pdf
pdf GO.Ms.84 dt 17.09.2012 High School HMs and MEOs are Competent authority to give Maternity Leave.pdf
htm Navodaya Admissions Application and Guidelines 2013.htm
pdf RC.40 dt 07.09.2012 IERT Instructions and Forms.pdf
pdf TRAI Direction on Blackout Days dt 14.09.2012.pdf
pdf RC.205 dt 15.09.2012 Closure of Aided Schools.pdf
pdf RC.631 dt 14.09.2012 Supply Of Book Kreeda Krutya Malika.pdf
pdf Proposed Road Map For Issue Health Cards by JAC dt 14.09.2012.pdf
pdf RC.484 dt 15.09.2012 DISE Schedule.pdf
pdf Memo.9440 dt 07.09.2012 DTA Clarifications on awarding SPP-IB to the Teachers not qualified to get SPP-II.pdf
pdf GO.Ms.83 dt 13.09.2012 Reviewing Of Six Point Formula.pdf
PDF GO.Rt.532 dt 13.09.2012 355 Girls Hostels Construction in Economically Backward Blocks.PDF
pdf RC.94 dt 11.09.2012 Deputed SGTs List For CAL Training RPs .pdf
htm Tribunal Order on SA Language Promotions 2012.htm
pdf RC.54 dt 12.09.2012 Follow Tribunal Orders on SA Languages Promotion.pdf
pdf RC.124 dt 01.09.2012 NT Books Requirement for the Year 2013-14.pdf
pdf RC.229 dt 11.09.2012 Availability of Distance Learning Infrastructure at DIETs.pdf
pdf RC.281 dt 16.08.2012 DISE Training.pdf
PDF GO.Ms.355 dt 11.09.2012 New Head of Ac for Mpl Teachers Medical Reimbursement for permitting for Health Cards.PDF
pdf RC.142 dt 08.05.2012 Summer Training Preservation of ELs(Original Copy).pdf